Saturday, 24 September 2011

The Big Bang Theory and how it has changed over the 4 series( yes I am talking about the TV show)

Even though I live in Britain I don't find any of the British sitcoms appealing to well as mostly they are  aimed at the working class which needs basic drama and horrendous jokes to be entertained, apparently. So when I watch any TV show it mostly originates from across the pond. I find the American show sometimes more professional than the likes of EastEnders or whatever backward little show the BBC has produced. This leads me to discuss my beloved show called The Big Bang Theory.

You see what most captured my interest in BBT is that it had a range of themes in the show and it wasn't all about sex and how to find the 'one'. At the beginning it had a big input of scientific merit in it which may be why it appealed to me. However it also had the 'dating' input which I also enjoyed because it was played simultaneously with the science and it just mixed and that made it so different and so better than other mainstream sitcoms. However in the last series the writers decided to include multiple serious emotional themes and yeah it was still funny but it was just different. And slowly it's losing its appeal for me and no great acting from Jim Parrsons is going to change it.

Do any of you know any other shows that have slowly changed and lost it's appeal to some of you?
Let me know.

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Just some issues that troubled my mind these past two months.

As you probably have noticed I haven't done any posts as firstly, due to family circumstances secondly, I have had a long holiday without any communication to the outside world. So lets get started.

You see month and a half ago my grandfather died after a long fight with Parkinson's disease and other more complex illnesses. This persuaded to explore the whole philosophical issue about death and what it means to those surrounding us. At the beginning my reaction was rather mild as my relationship with him wasn't what the majority would call 'close' but I was surprised for my lack of emotion. However the most of my family acted quite the opposite to me. This prompted me to ponder why is everyone is so sad and tragic-like. Even though I will not see my grandfather ever again I wasn't sad because well he has gone to a better place, hopefully. Although most of you might argue that's quite a religious view however even though I'm an atheist I like to believe there is something after life, not something similar to Christian heaven but something that is beyond our capability of understanding. This leads me to the funeral. Of course the appearance is suppose to be sober which again puzzles me greatly. Why must we fill our life with reluctance to enjoy it. I see a funeral rather to be a celebration of life opposed to another event where we need to lose enjoyment of the so called wonderful life. So I have decided that for my funeral I will order everyone to wear colourful clothes and have AC/DC's 'Shoot to Thrill' playing at full blast.